Blind Boy Fuller 1935-1938 / Blind Boy Fuller

Blind Boy Fuller, (voc., guit.),
Blind Boy Fuller 1935-1938 / Blind Boy Fuller
4 CD
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Baby, i don't have to worry ; I'm a rattlesnakin' daddy ; I'm climbin' on top of the hill ; Ain't it a crying shame ; Looking for my woman ; Rag, mama, rag ; Baby, you gotta change your mind ; Evil hearted woman ; My brownskin sugar plum ; Somebody's been playing whith that thing ; Log cabin blues ; Homesick and lonesome blues ; Walking my troubles away ; Black and tan ; keep awayfrom my woman ; Baby you got to do better ; Big bed blues ; Truckin' my blues away ; She's funny that way ; Cat man blues ; When your gal packs up and leaves ; Mama let me lay it on you ; If you don't give me what I want ; Boots and shoes ; Trucking my blues away n°2 ; Sweet honey hole ; Untrue blues ; Tom cat blues ; My baby don't mean me no good ; Been your dog ; My best gal gonna leave me ; Wires all down ; Let me squeeze your lemon ; Death alley ; Mamie ; New oh red ; If you see my pimeat ; Stingy mama ; Why don't my baby write to me ; Some day you're gonna be sorry ; You never can tell ; Put you back in the jail ; Walking and looking blues ; Buldog blues ; Where my womanusta lay ; Working man blues ; Weeping willow ; Corine what makes you treat me so ; Stealing bo-hog ; Worrried and evil man blues ; Bull dog blues ; Break of day blues ; Oh zee zas rag ; Throw your yas yas back in jail ; Snake woman blues ; Mojo hidin' woman ; Ain't no gettin' along ; Careless love ; New louise Louise blues ; Mstreater, you're going to be sorry ; Bye bye baby blues ; Looking for my woman n°2 ; Shaggy like a bear ; Ten o'clock peeper ; Hungry calf blues ; Too many women blues ; Oozin' you off my mind ; Shake that shimmy ; Heart ease blues ; I'm going to move ; Pistol slapper blues ; Mean and no good woman ; Georgia ham mama ; Piccolo rag ; Funny feeling blues ; Painful hearted man ; You've got to move it out ; Meat shakin' woman ; I'm a good stem winder ; What's that smells like fish ; She's a truckin' little baby ; Jivin' woman blues ; You're laughing now ; Stop jivin' me mama ; Long time trucker ; Big house bound ; Flyin'airplane blues ; Get your yas yas out ; Jitterbug rag ; Sceaming and crying blues ; Blacksnakin' jiver
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